Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Keeping Company :: September 2017

Welcome back, friends!  I hope you had a wonderful summer -- with plenty of time for notebooking thrown in!  I'm happy to be back in this space hosting your lovely, lively examples for the Charlotte Mason community.

Starting the Discussion

Here's a sampling of the keeping that has kept us busy over the last couple months...

Xavier's Pagoo notebook

Cate and Xavier's "weekly drawing" subject - they chose Pallas Athena

Funny - Bridget found an old notebook in the scratch bin,
and ERASED all the pencil already in it to make herself a copybook!
(Yes, I do have extra notebooks for them to use!
I don't know why she thought she required a pre-loved one, but I admire her keeping spirit! LOL)

The early bits of Gianna's Livingstone map

A snippet from Gianna's Prose and Poetry notebook -- the three of us are all loving The Hobbit!

I'm still working toward my entry-a-week nature journaling goal, though I certainly fudged a bit around Damien's birth, catching up by adding in some extra entries once I was out of bed and at the table again. ;)  And I have a couple new keeping practices to share here on the blog soon: a reading journal I am keeping for Year 6, which I'd call a visual-creative spin on a pre-reading commonplace book (clear as mud?), and then my Mother's Diary, which I have going as an e-notebook in Evernote.

So as you start your new school year: what keeping habits are you hoping to build?

This Month's Round-Up

Melissa shares her daughter's lovely geography notebook.  My kids really enjoy tracing maps, so I'm thinking about how to stretch out the kind of study Melissa arranged over several years. I particularly love how she bound it as a keepsake.

Melanie has some poetry and a peek at her nature journal awaiting us.

Would you like to take a peek at a week in the life of a Year 7 student?  Carol satisfies our interest!

And Amy pairs photograph and quote perfectly, per usual: this Price Edward Island entry to her Monday Ponderings series particularly caught my eye.

On to some favorites from the Instagram world...

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angelaboord - stoppingforbutterflies - home_again_six - charlottemasonpoetry - obispo98

sarah_jonna - raising.saints - ecwetzel

churchmouseathome - rmbell2008 - littledrops5
cara.stuchlik- maricsa81 - growingbrave

brandyvencel - amyofhearthridge - vlcjrogers - corinna_rhodes_
this_little_homeschool - mariasugiyopranoto - simplicityhomeschool - windymorning_3

I could hardly do justice to the wonderful examples linked up this month, so please take a look through the Summer Collection and the Instagram tag yourself!  You'll be glad you did.

Now it's your turn!

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Looking forward to seeing what you share this month!

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Nature Study Outing :: Early Summer in the Bay Area

After one week resigned to "backyard nature study" and the same on the schedule for this week also thanks to our babymoon, I'm thinking back to some of our nature study adventures over the past two months.

Ever wondered what California looks like in May and June?  Here ya go!  Four different landscapes, each visited multiple times, with pictures telling the story...

At the creek --

At the ranch (well, two different ranches-turned-county-parks, one on each side of the foothills) --

farewell-to-spring clarkia + yarrow

dove mullein + a tiny scarlet pimpernel

At the pond --

owl's clover

mariposa lily


At the beach --

above: thrift + red clover
beach aster

lizard tail

sand verbena

above: sea rocket + tree lupine
coastal sagebrush

beach primrose

Saturday, July 15, 2017

{This and That} :: Announcements!

I actually have a bunch of posts in drafts almost ready to go, but for now, you get back-to-back {This and That} posts so that I can share some happy announcements!


First and most importantly for me: Baby Damien Ambrose arrived on Sunday!

Six days late, after a few days of prodromal labor, he arrived with one push and much relief at 9:53am on the 9th!  We decided on his name a couple hours after he was born and entrusted him to two favorite saints: St. Damien of Molokai and St. Ambrose of Milan.  Thank you so much for your prayers.

We got home Monday, had the baptism Wednesday, and spent the rest of the week resting -- as much as one can with nine kids in the house!

Well, some of us spent the week resting. Some of us spent the week bickering over whose turn it was to hold the baby.  At least it's a worthy issue to fight over!  I tried to point out that he isn't going anywhere and that there would be many days, weeks, years to hold him. They didn't seem to think that was any reason to stand down.



More exciting news: early registration is now open for CM West :: Conference in Old San Juan!

Our 2018 Northern California event will be February 8-10, at a peaceful retreat center nestled in the rolling hills of old San Juan Bautista, just a few miles from the Mission.

This early registration window is your chance to either put down a fully-refundable deposit to secure a spot before general registration opens in October OR complete your full registration at a discount.

This conference sold out quickly last year, so if you think you'd like to join us this February, click on over for more details!


Last but not least: my good friend Dawn Duran has published a new resource for Charlotte Mason families and groups.  It's called Swedish Drill Revisited, and it's the work of years of research into Miss Mason's methods combined with Dawn's own experience as a physical therapist and educator.  She has implemented Swedish drill with her own children and in a co-op setting, and has shared her thoughts on the method as well as many how-to resources at Afterthoughts over the past year.  Now she has turned all that information (and more) into a user-friendly, hyper-linked e-book!  I'm hoping to do a thorough review once I have had a chance to try it out with my children, since drill is something that has always looked like fun but has never gotten off the ground here.  Now with Dawn's guide, I'm thinking I can make that happen.  If you're interested in reading more, head over to Afterthoughts Shoppe and take a peek!


I told you how excited I am about In Memoriam last week; this week, I'm excited about all the posts people are writing in response to the perspective it sheds on Miss Mason and her work. A couple great examples so far:

The Delightfully Casual Element of Nature Study by Naomi (so pleased to read this since our own studies are quite casual but, so far, quite wondrous and valuable too!)
In Memoriam: Fellowship and Common Ground by Karen Glass (one in a series -- and I couldn't agree more!)

I'm hoping to write about some juicy tidbits I have discovered so far in In Memoriam...when I get the chance. ;)


Have a great weekend!